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When Violence Cover Image
Erupts Cover Image
a Survival Guide for Emergency Responders

Enhancement Articles

Learn more about current issues facing fire fighters and emergency care personnel today.

Preventing Lyme Disease
This article explores how to prevent Lyme disease in TEMS members.
View / download the file.      Click to view/download: Preventing_Lyme_Disease.pdf  (184 KBytes)

Medical Response to the Joseph Palczynski Incident
This article explores the importance of the TEMS unit during a hostage situation.
View / download the file.      Click to view/download: joseph_palczynski_incident.pdf  (66 KBytes)

EMS Preplanning
This article discusses the importance of preplanning to the EMS/Fire department was assigned to cover a large event.
View / download the file.      Click to view/download: EMS_Preplanning.pdf  (121 KBytes)

Weapons of Mass Destruction -- The intent of terrorism is to create chaos. To be prepared for a terrorist event, community leaders, including fire, police, and EMS officials, need to take appropriate actions to reduce the risk created by terrorism. When the proper steps have been taken, the risk to public safety personnel and others is greatly reduced.

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