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When Violence Cover Image
Erupts Cover Image
a Survival Guide for Emergency Responders


Protecting Emergency Responders
This report from Rand explores how to protect emergency responders during a terrorist attack.
Read Protecting Emergency Responders

WHO Smallpox Slides
A short PowerPoint™ presentation
Click to view/download WHO Smallpox Slides

Mark I Injector Kits
A short PowerPoint™ presentation on the Mark I antidote kits used for nerve agent exposure. After clicking the link below, please scroll down to the link labeled "Auto Injector"
Oak Ridge National Laboratories

Policies and Procedures For Fire Service Operations During Civil disturbances
The fire and EMS service frequently face the challenges of providing service during civil disturbances. Deputy Chief Randall B. Groves' research seeks to develop policies and procedures for the facilitation of safe and effective operations during such emergencies.
Read Policies and Procedures

Radiation Incidents
"Hospital Emergency Department Management of Radiation Incidents" by The Health Physics Society.
Hospital Emergency Department Management of Radiation Incidents

What Every Public Safety Officer Should Know About Radiation and Radioactive Materials
The threat of terrorism has once again focused attention on potential radiation hazards. This brochure is a quick-reference guide providing basic information on radiation and radiation hazards to fire, EMS, and law enforcement personnel.
Read Radiation and Radioactive Materials

Phoenix Fire Department Standard Operating Procedures
Links are provided to a variety of standard operating procedures from various departments across the country. Material from each can be utilized to write one's own policies and procedures tailored to the needs of your locale.

Protecting Our People -- Many of the tactics and techniques delineated in the When Violence Erupts text are incorporated into this procedure.

Clandestine Drug Laboratories -- This SOP provides information on lab indentifcation and safety procedures.

Civil Disturbances -- Response and safety procedures during civil disturbances are identified in this procedure.

Police Assistance/Explosive Materials -- This procedure identifies actions to be taken when assisting police explosive ordnance disposal units.

Police Department S.A.U. Operations -- This procedure identifies actions to be taken by fire and ems personnel when assisting Phoenix Police Department's SWAT team.

Radiological Hazards and Radiological Decontamination -- These two procedures outline response to and decontamination of possible radioactive material incidents.

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